Proposed Tax Increases Designed for the Wealthy (Could Affect Many More)

Published on July 27, 2021 The current administration’s proposed tax policy changes are comprised of three major segments. We have been told that these changes are designed to primarily affect only the wealthiest families, but they could impact the middle class as well, especially if some of the more…

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Making Smart Decisions

Published on 12/3/2019 When we try to identify what it takes to make smart decisions, it’s not necessarily the way that people always evaluate intelligence. Many believe that a good education or high ACT and SAT scores dictate a high level of IQ, but we can evaluate it differently.…

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What Makes A Successful Retirement?

People want a successful retirement. In fact, I think most people would agree that’s what we all want. It doesn’t happen by accident though, does it? It can be determined by how we define success. Let’s give an example. Say you have somebody who retires at age 60 and…

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New Tax Rates Could Provide Push to Help Defuse Your ‘Tax Time Bomb’

Written By: Bob Fugate Financial advisers consistently caution savers about the dangers of stockpiling too much of their retirement money in tax-deferred investment plans. Do a quick online search of the term “ticking tax time bomb,” and you’ll see that advice goes back at least a decade. There are…

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What is a Wealth Planner and Why Do You Need One?

One of the questions we are asked all the time is “What exactly is a Wealth Planner?”. Wealth Planners help people prepare for their retirement based off of the wealth they have accumulated throughout their life. They want to get to know who you are, what is important to…

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Boosting Financial Literacy is a Top Priority

Financial literacy has always been a challenge. However, now that much of the burden of retirement income has shifted to employees instead of employers, it is all the more important that we begin teaching the principles of saving and investing to people as early as possible.1 In a recent…

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Our Appointment Process

Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming process – a seemingly endless universe of investments from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to alternatives in real estate and oil or even insurance products are all available to you. At Blue Ridge Wealth Planners, we have developed a three-step appointment process…

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