Season 2 Episode 4 Notes

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This chart shows the meteoric rise in both price and volume. A one-year investment on GameStop is up 3,870% while AMC is up 86.5%.


This is 2021 YTD performance, with GME being up 717% through March 5.


This is from Deutsche Bank and Bloomberg. It shows that GME was the most traded stock on January 26, despite being incredibly small (market cap on the right).


Meet Your Hosts

John Vandergriff is our Wealth Planning Team Lead. He has been a wealth planner for 9 years and on the air for 7 as your source for all things retirement. John covers everything from how current events could affect your savings, to strategies to maximize your retirement income, and everything in between. He now applies his knowledge and in-the-field experience to bring a unique perspective to the podcast.



Zach Hill is our Operations Team Lead and Portfolio Manager. Zach graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors degree in Finance and received his MBA with a concentration in finance from UT as well. His background with institutional investing and working with a fintech software startup makes him a perfect fit to lead our Operations team. Most of Zach's free time goes towards running Remedy, a local coffee shop, which he and a friend are co-owners of.


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