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Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming process – a seemingly endless universe of investments from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to alternatives in real estate and oil or even insurance products are all available to you. At Blue Ridge Wealth Planners, we have developed a three-step appointment process through which our team of professionals work with you to identify and achieve your goals.

The purpose of our first appointment, your Evaluation Meeting, is to get to know each other. After exploring the goals and dreams you have for your retirement, we will outline the big picture strategies and tools that can help you achieve those goals. At the end of the meeting, we will each decide if we would like to continue working towards these goals together. No commitment is necessary other than to schedule another meeting. All of our meetings are complimentary.

If we each decide that we would like to work together, our team works for about two weeks in preparation of your second appointment. We will review all of your statements and any tax and legal documents you provide in order to analyze your portfolio. It is critical that we receive your statements at your first appointment or very shortly thereafter in order to keep this process on track.

During your second appointment, your Strategy Meeting, we will present our analysis of your statements and documents. You will likely have some areas in which your plan is working very well and others in which your plan may have some weak points. We will discuss whether or not your current plan aligns with the goals you described in your Evaluation Meeting, and then explain all of the investment and income strategies we provide, as well as specific strategies we believe could work for you and your goals. At the end of this meeting, we will ask if you’d like us to present our specific recommendations to adjust your current plan and then get your feedback to help guide those recommendations.

After your Strategy Meeting we will spend two weeks creating your custom Plan For Everything based on all the information we have discussed together. This is the most time consuming and important part of our process as our whole team works to create a plan to allow you to live the retirement you have always wanted.

During your third appointment, your Proposal Meeting, you will receive your Plan For Everything, your custom plan physically embodied in a three-ring binder which contains all of your recommendations to help you reach your specific goals. We will review this together, and with your approval, our team will begin implementing your plan at the end of the meeting. 

At Blue Ridge Wealth Planners, we know that no two people or families are alike. Our process allows us to identify what makes your family unique and then recommend the best strategies for your retirement. If you are ready to start your appointment process and take the next step towards planning for everything – click here to schedule your appointment. 

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